The Humble Path

The Humble Path

Have you encountered that individual who exudes an air of having conquered life’s challenges effortlessly? 

With each expression they utter, you can’t help but search for an escape route, as if all your Delta Airline training is about to come in handy. 

But let’s be real — chances are their eloquent words do not align with their actual deeds. 

Embracing humility is not only a crucial virtue but also promotes personal development and allows for genuine connections with others.

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Being humble means recognizing our limitations and accepting that we do not have all the answers. 

It’s the internal acknowledgment that we are not all-knowing. 

We demonstrate this by having a genuine desire to learn from everyone around us. 

Seeking knowledge from our leaders, peers, subordinates, strangers, enemies, failure, shortcomings, etc. 

Adopting a humble mindset allows us to be more receptive to new thoughts and specific views. 

This technique permits us to develop intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

You will notice that people naturally respond well when you genuinely show interest in what they know or do. 

This curiosity and humility can be a powerful way to connect, learn, and grow together. 

Imagine a CEO of a major company asking a first-year employee what they think would be best for the organization. 

The employee might be caught off guard and think, “What do I know”? 

However, the CEO recognizes that the employee has a fresh perspective and hasn’t been influenced by the company. 

The CEO is fostering an environment and culture that welcomes new perspectives. That’s powerful. 

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The Humble Path is a life philosophy that we are all lifelong students and it’s in our best interest to foster a space for collaboration and mutual development. 

Here’s another example. While you might be great at computers or mechanics, you might lack the skills for how to give a patient a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC). 

If you’re like me…you are humbled every day by the vast knowledge in this world. 

There is such joy in knowing that you will never know it all. 

The people you perceive as “smart” probably aren’t as much as you think. 

For me, the humble path makes feelings of defeat or failure easier to digest because your mindset views them just as life reminding you that there is much to learn. 

Being humble keeps you in a non-stop manner of reflection and excites you to wake up to see what life teaches you. 

Each day is an opportunity to be taught. 

Stay open-minded. Keep learning. 


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