My Daughter Inspired My First Book — “The Curious Turtle Who Flew to Space”

My Daughter Inspired My First Book — “The Curious Turtle Who Flew to Space”

One innocent but sinister comment changed our world.

Good morning! Today, I wanted to share the inspiration behind my award-winning children’s book, “The Curious Turtle Who Flew to Space.” 

The thought of writing a children’s book had never once crossed my mind. Little did I know that at the dawn of 2023, amid the tumult of a looming divorce, an unexpected sanctuary sparked the beginning of a soon-to-be passion. 

The sanctuary was Costa Rica, and I had dual intentions on why I was there—reconnecting with Brandon and volunteering for a Sea Turtle Conservation project. My temporary abode for two weeks was “The Turtle House.”

Photo of “The Turtle House” sign by Brandon Seyl

A quaint wooden two-story structure awaited, devoid of air conditioning and equipped with less-than-ideal restroom facilities. 

Photo of “The Turtle House” by Brandon Seyl

The heart of the house featured a cozy dining area with 4 to 5 tables for the volunteers. 

Photo of Dining Area by Brandon Seyl

Outside, a backyard laundry space hung with a clothesline beckoned. 

Photo of Laundry Area by Brandon Seyl

The majestic front yard played host to towering trees where mischievous monkeys frolicked. A mere stroll away lay a pristine, unpopulated beach, a haven where the volunteers and I took turns safeguarding precious turtle eggs in the beachfront “Turtle Hatchery.” 

Each of us discovered something more profound about life during our two-week stay. We were educated in the harsh conditions facing turtles and the various obstacles that endanger them daily. 

It was a fulfilling and heartwarming experience that left an indelible mark on my soul. It was exactly what I needed and more. 


Returning home to the States, my five-year-old daughter and I set off on a planned adventure to the Kennedy Space Center and a Disney Cruise. What I anticipated as a routine car ride filled with music or Disney movies took an unexpected turn. Eager for every detail of my recent escapade, my daughter bombarded me with questions, as I did my best to satisfy her onslaught. 

As we arrived — her eyes widened in wonder at the sight of the space shuttles at the Kennedy Space Center, only to playfully jest, “Daddy, turtles can’t go to space.” 

Though meant in jest, her innocent remark nudged me with a spark of awareness. At that moment, I recognized the value of curiosity — a force that transcends boundaries and propels us toward brighter horizons.

Inspired by this revelation, I set out to create a story about a turtle named Splash, whose curiosity takes her beyond the shore and into the vast expanse of space. 

Born on a beach, Splash lags behind her siblings in a mad dash toward the waves, captivated by the sight of a soaring space shuttle. This pivotal moment ignites a flame of curiosity within Splash, shaping her destiny and leading her to unexpected refuge in the cosmos.

Book Cover of “The Curious Turtle Who Flew to Space” by Brandon Seyl

I hope and desire that this book serves as a reminder to my daughter and everyone — we need curiosity. 

Together, our imaginations can shape and build a better life. Just think back to the earliest of our days…so many inventions and revelations have drastically improved our way of life. 

The next lesson I plan to teach my daughter is the value of giving. I’m looking forward to reuniting with her as we team up to sell books and donate as much as we can to support Sea Turtle Conservation efforts.

Thank you for reading. 

Until next time, 




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