Will He Commit?

Will He Commit?

Ladies — today’s dating environment is not like your grandma's.

Grandma Q. wouldn’t tolerate it. 

Neither should you. 

What changed? 

The ability to connect with thousands of people in one click. 

Now, the internet is not 100% to blame. 

But it surely is capable of propagating fear and broken hearts.

The classical and romantic days of courting have evolved into a world of apps where we swipe left and right to order a new boyfriend. 

The world is blinded and consumed by instant gratification. 

We’ve tolerated and adapted our boundaries to a culture that makes it much harder to decipher whether that man you are head over heels for will commit. 

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The fear of commitment issues is and should be a significant concern for you ladies in the dating world. 

Developing strong feelings for someone who is not ready or willing to commit can lead to heartbreak and disappointment. 

Which unfortunately is baggage the next genuine good guy you “order” must deal with. 

In this post, I will share my perspective that will help you navigate whether a man will commit or not. 

First, I want you to ask yourself this question. 

Do you trust him? 

If the answer is no, maybe, or it’s complicated…it’s time to have a direct conversation with him. 

If you want a serious relationship….start “ordering” the guy who wants that too. 

Tip: Deciphering if a man will want a life-long commitment with you: 

  • Boys will tell you what you want to hear. 
  • A man will tell you what you need to hear. Backed by his actions. 
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Okay, maybe you trust him but you are still uncertain.

Hmm…sounds like someone might have past trauma. 

That’s okay by the way. 

As I said earlier, this dating market is tough. 

Lots of broken hearts. 

Which typically stem from failed relationships or having encounters with individuals who were not ready for commitment. 

This fear can trigger self-protective mechanisms to avoid potential pain and disappointment. 

However, allowing this fear to control your dating decisions may prevent the possibility of experiencing genuine love and a fulfilling relationship.

My recommendations for navigating trauma: 

  1. Self-reflection and Emotional Awareness
  2. Open Communication and Setting Boundaries
  3. Taking Things Slow and Building Trust
  4. Invest in Personal Growth and Independence 

So, ladies, the dating scene might be challenging but men aren’t super complicated. 

We prefer direct communication. 

Ask the question. 

Enjoy the journey. 

Build memories. 

Create a foundation of trust. 


A man will undoubtedly commit to you if you offer him sanity, peace, and your love.  

We men want to give you the world and more. 

Take care, 


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