The Silent Chains of Male Performance

The Silent Chains of Male Performance

How can a world be simultaneously exquisite and shrouded in darkness?

It engulfs my soul in an unyielding grip, as if despair has fastened its shackles tightly around us, captive to society’s whims. 

With battered bodies, we bear painful smiles as we clutch onto invisible chains, traces of blood trickling down our wrists.

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But no more. 

Enough is enough. 

In our dreams, we yearn for liberation, a chance to break free from these oppressive binds that confine us.

Throughout history, we men have been conditioned to fulfill roles as providers, protectors, and leaders.

Ever since young boys, we have been expected to perform or shut up. 

We hate it but it’s true. 

Society rewards the man who achieves and succeeds. 

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Society ignores the man who does not. 

Still — we scream and shout, hoping to be heard or seen. 


Qualities such as ambition, drive, and dominance reign supreme. 

One day no one notices you then the next they adore you.

She’s head over heels for you then she’s not. 

You wonder if she ever loved you for who you were or if was it the feeling of status. 

You dry the tears behind your eyes and glance left and right, hoping to find refuge in a broken world. 

You come to find people pursuing each other on an unrealistic quest for unconditional love. 

Chasing feelings to be accepted. Valued. Appreciated. Loved. 

But here’s what I’ve come to realize. 

Pursue wisdom. 

Seek His leadership. 

There are two paths in life. His or the wrong one. 

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Seek His grace. 

You are enough. 

Who gives a damn what other people think. 

Follow his lead — Stay true to you. 

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