Distance Can’t Stop Love: 5 Essential Steps to Thrive in Your Long Distance Relationship

Distance Can’t Stop Love: 5 Essential Steps to Thrive in Your Long Distance Relationship

Life always throws the unexpected at you. 

Just when you think you have it all figured out….

You meet that special someone. 

But the timing isn’t right. 

Both of you know that separation and a long-distance relationship is inevitable. 

You go back and forth about whether you subdue or pursue your feelings.

We all know how the story goes. 

You pursue them. 

Love wins. 

Congratulations on your long-distance relationship. 

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Now, we introduce the deep-rooted fears that come with it. 

  • The absence of physical proximity.
  • Potential communication breakdowns.
  • Trust issues. 
  • Cheating and infidelity 
  • Drifting apart emotionally. 
  • Uncertainty about the future. 

No matter how committed you are. The fears will always be there. 

But so will the love. 

And — Love will always win if you choose it. 

Today, I’ll share five practical steps to ensure love wins in a long-distance relationship.

The steps we will discuss are 1) Communication, 2) Creative use of Technology, 3) Synchronize Activities, 4) Surprise Gestures, 5) Establish Goals and a Share Vision

Let’s get started! 

Prioritize Communication:

Communication is vital in any successful relationship, especially in long-distance ones.

 To stay emotionally connected, prioritize open and regular communication. 

Plan video chats, phone calls, and handwritten letters to share your joys, challenges, and daily life. 

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To avoid communication breakdowns, establish trust and understanding. 

Discuss the challenges of long-distance communication and develop strategies together. 

Create a safe space for open dialogue to address concerns, fears, and needs.

Another personal favorite of mine is to embrace creative methods. 

For example, I like to leave voice recordings for my daughter. It’s a simple gesture that shows that you are thinking of them and care. 

It’s even better when you receive them. 

Overall — you can build effective communication if both you and your partner develop your approach and ground rules. 

Discuss response times, conflict resolution, and the importance of active listening to minimize anxiety.

Remember, communication breakdowns can occur in any relationship. 

However, long-distance relationship fears can be addressed through open dialogue, trust-building, diversifying communication methods, establishing routines, maintaining patience, and setting clear boundaries. 

2. Creative Use of Technology:

Once upon a time, technology was non-existent.

In today’s digital age, we can connect with others at the click of a button. 

**Reminder** The luxuries we have today are pretty freaking extraordinary! 

Tools such as Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp support face-to-face conversations. 

Apps such as FaceBook, Instagram, and Marco Polo provide a simple way of staying connected with loved ones. 

While fears about emotional distance and physical intimacy exist, technology offers solutions. 

Regular video calls bridge the gap and deepen emotional bonds. 

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Sharing media preserves visual connections — exchanging photos and videos captures precious moments. 

Virtual movie dates through platforms like Netflix Party create shared experiences. 

Surprise voice or video messages throughout the day provide affectionate touchpoints. 

Personalized playlists evoke shared memories. 

Bottom line: There are so many tools at your disposal. Get 

3. Synchronize Activities:

Yes, communicating regularly using different technology platforms was probably unsurprising.


One very simple one that is often overlooked is the act of synchronizing hobbies/activities. 

Remember, the only thing that has changed is the miles between both of you. 

You can still partake in activities together. Some simple ideas are…

Plan virtual dinner dates, cook the same meal, and enjoy it over a video call. 

Sync up workouts via video chat or use fitness apps to exercise together.

Read the same book, start a TV series, or play online games to create shared experiences and a sense of unity. 

Train for a marathon together? Crazy — I know. 

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Build a financial roadmap? Yes, please. 

When you are both working and accomplishing the same activities it helps to build a sense of closeness and oneness. 

Continue to build upon your foundation! 

4. Surprise Gestures:

Who doesn’t love surprises? 

While surprise visits may not always be an option. 

There are some other ways of expressing your affection. 

Consider sending meaningful gifts or handwritten letters that speak directly to their heart. 

It’s ironic, but the mere act of a hand-written letter, despite all of the technological methods at our fingertips will make them feel special.

A bouquet delivered unexpectedly will indeed be met with an instant smile on their face.

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You both must actively nurture the emotional connection by consistently expressing your thoughtfulness. 

This consistent effort erases doubts and fears, replacing them with a deep sense of security knowing you cherish the relationship as much as they do.

5. Establish Goals and a Shared Vision:


Who doesn’t love planning, organization, and structure? 

Personally — I believe this to be the foundation of the relationship. 

The most fundamental questions you can ask are….

Who are “we”, what are “we” doing, and where are “we” going?

If you both can’t answer these….it’s time to hit the emergency eject button and invest in something meaningful. 

Establishing goals and a shared vision is crucial for a fulfilling and harmonious relationship. 

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Whether you have just started dating or have been together for years, having a clear sense of purpose and direction is critical. 

Here are some helpful suggestions. 

  • Reflect on your values and aspirations: Take the time to individually reflect on your personal values and aspirations. Then, have a heartfelt conversation with your partner to understand their dreams and goals for the future. 
  • Discuss and align your goals: Identify the short-term and long-term goals you want to achieve as a couple. These include career aspirations, travel plans, family goals, or personal development milestones. 
  • Make your goals specific and measurable: Take those aspirations and build concrete, realistic goals. This means setting specific targets with clear action steps and timelines. For example, instead of saying, “We want to travel more,” set a goal such as “We will visit at least two new countries each year.” (Yes — to travel!)


Long-distance relationships may be challenging, but they are manageable. 

The five steps we discussed today can help you navigate the distance between each of you. 

  1. Communication
  2. Creative Use of Technology 
  3. Synchronize Activities
  4. Surprise Gestures
  5. Establish Goals and a Share Vision

Remember, love and fear will always exist in this world. 

One is tempting and can send you into a spiral. 

The other is hard. But worth it. 

Which will you choose? 

Happy Reading!


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