My $150 Weekly Meal Plan with Printable Cards

My $150 Weekly Meal Plan with Printable Cards

Planning healthy meals doesn’t require excessive time or money. 

With strategic planning, you can prepare nutritious and budget-friendly meals that align with your busy schedule. This allows you to save money, enhance your health, and gain back valuable time.

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In this article, you’ll have access to a weekly meal plan and printable recipe cards. Additionally, I’ll reveal a personal tip that saves me both time and money effortlessly.

The average American household spent more on food (both at home and away from home) than on any other expense category. Food expenses represented approximately 12.4% of total expenditures for the year ($8,169), making it the largest budget expense for many households. — (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020)

Why Meal Prepping Helps Save Money:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to understand that meal prepping is a fantastic way to control your grocery costs and save money in the long run.

Are you guilty of going to the grocery store and innocently throwing essentials or expensive items into the grocery cart?

Well — it’s time to stop bad habits and take control.

Once you plan your meals in advance, you can:

Reduce Food Waste: 

Food prep allows you to buy only what you need, reducing the chances of the product spoiling, and saving you big money.

Limit Impulse Buys: 

Shopping without a plan is tempting but it’s easy to get caught up in unnecessary things. By sticking to a set shopping list, you’ll avoid temptation and stay on budget.

Economize Bulk Purchases: 

Buying large portions and using them twice helps you take advantage of discounts and deals, effectively stretching your dollar further.

Minimize Eating Out: 

If you eat healthy, convenient meals at home, you’ll be less inclined to eat out or order takeout, which can quickly add to the cost.

Grocery List (Average Costs for Tampa, Florida):


- Chicken breast (4 pounds) — $13
- Salmon fillets (4) — $20
- Ground turkey (2 pounds) — $9
- Tofu (1 package) — $2

Grains, Legumes, and Bread:

- Quinoa (1 bag) — $4
- Brown rice (1 bag) — $4
- Whole wheat pasta (1 box) — $3
- Black beans (1 bag) — $3
- Whole wheat bread (1 loaf) — $4


- Mixed berries (1 bag) — $11
- Spinach (1 bunch) — $2
- Mushrooms (1 container) — $4
- Carrots (1 bag) — $2
- Broccoli (1 head) — $3
- Asparagus (1 bunch) — $4
- Sweet potatoes (4) — $4
- Avocado (2) — $4
- Poached eggs (1 dozen) — $4
- Onion (1) — $1
- Garlic (1 bulb) — $1
- Mixed greens (1 bag) — $3
- Cucumber (1) — $1

Dairy and Other:

- Greek yogurt (1 tub) — $4
- Cottage cheese (1 tub) — $4
- Hummus (1 tub) — $4
- Edamame (1 bag) — $2
- Eggs (1 dozen) — $4
- Balsamic vinegar (1 bottle) — $4
- Salsa (1 jar) — $3
- Honey (1 bottle) — $6
- Granola (1 bag) — $3

  • Note: Prices may vary, and these are approximate costs based on average prices in Tampa, Florida.*
Screenshot of Walmart+ order by Brandon Seyl

As you can see above my total order was $149.56. Yep — that’s for everything for 6 days/3 meals. (~$600/month budget for groceries)

Pro-tip: Walmart + is free for American Express Platinum holders. If you don’t have an AMEX card…it’s $12.95/month. 

I highly recommend Walmart+ or any form of shopping automation because 1) It’s super easy — two clicks and your grocery shopping is done (rinse & repeat each week), 2) You groceries are delivered to you when you want (Sunday!), and 3) You won’t be tempted to buy sweets, junk food, or unnecessary items. 

Meal Prep Cards:

Feel free to print these recipes and use them in any order you prefer. However, I am personally planning to follow the schedule outlined below.

Monday and Thursday:

Breakfast Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl
Lunch Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl
Dinner Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl

Tuesday and Friday:

Breakfast Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl
Lunch Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl
Dinner Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl

Wednesday and Saturday:

Breakfast Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl
Lunch Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl
Dinner Recipe Card by Brandon Seyl


Managing your food costs through meal preparation includes eating better, saving money and reducing stress.

By creating a meal plan, ordering ingredients from Walmart+, and following my recipe cards, you can effortlessly have a balanced and budget-friendly weekday routine for ~$150!

Hope you found value in this post. See you next time. 

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